Aldis Street, London, SW17

Imagine this scenario: You own a big property in an area that commands very decent rent. You are under time pressures to renovate the property so that you can let it and start earning an income on it. Halfway through the refurbishment your contractor bails. You have to find a new contractor (at a time when tradesmen are fully booked) and finish the job without losing months of potential income on your property. You see your investment costing you more and more while it earns you nothing.

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Tintern Street, London, SW4 7QQ

The landlord of this property was an established investor with multiple properties in her portfolio. She was used to working with large chain agencies and was pleasantly surprised to learn through us that sometimes big does not always mean best.

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Inglemere Road, London, CR4 2BT

At Next Step Estates we are delighted to present to you our overview of this charming property on Inglemere Road. It is a great example of how we represent clients abroad. In fact, we have a very strong database of overseas investors.

Inglemere Road, London, CR4 2BT2022-05-17T12:15:16+00:00
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