Letting Agent Property  Management SW17 London


Imagine this scenario: You own a big property in an area that commands very decent rent. You are under time pressures to renovate the property so that you can let it and start earning an income on it. Halfway through the refurbishment your contractor bails. You have to find a new contractor (at a time when tradesmen are fully booked) and finish the job without losing months of potential income on your property. You see your investment costing you more and more while it earns you nothing.

This is every landlord’s nightmare, particularly landlords who have mortgages on their investment properties (as most do). And this is exactly what happened in this story.


Next Step had previously worked with the landlord of this property. He called us in distress when his 3-bedroom property in Tooting, which was undergoing major refurbishment, was left unfinished by his contractor. He was in a real bind and needed some help navigating this stressful situation.

Next Steps’ remit does not usually go as far as managing major building works, but having been in the property industry for many years in South West London, we were able to reach out to our numerous contacts and help resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. We put on our project management hard hat, meeting with the head contractor and listing a thorough schedule of works, costings and pre agreed meeting times.

We oversaw the completion of the project which took a further 12 weeks and was finished to a very high standard.

On completion of the works, we immediately set about letting the property for the landlord. Given the quality work on it we were able to let it quickly and for a very good price. The landlord was so pleased with our service he appointed us full property managers on an ongoing basis.

Check out Aldis Street, SW17 below.