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Over the years, we have had various questions proposed to us by landlords, many of which are valid. But, one question we often hear would not benefit the landlord if we were to react too swiftly and could have more negative consequences than good. So what is this question?

How quickly can you let my house? 

Landlords may ask, ‘how quickly can you let my property out?’ or say, ‘I don’t want a void’, and while our team at Next Step Estates work with speed and accuracy, we also do not want any voids. Instead, we choose to rephrase these common questions and enquire. We often urge landlords to ask:

“How quickly can you let my property to the right tenant(s)?”

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As a landlord, there are many reasons why finding the right tenant is essential. The tenant selected, after all, will be the person who will be responsible for the property.

Importance of renting your property to the right tenant – Selecting the wrong tenant could be costly, as they could damage the property, pay late or not at all and may even leave without notice. On the other hand, the right tenant will do more than pay the rent. They will care for the property and will notify the letting agent/landlord of any issues before they can develop into costly maintenance problems.

With our years of experience and refining our approach to property marketing, tenant registration, vetting and viewings, we often find ourselves in a position of receiving multiple offers on a single property. This situation allows us to pick the right offer which is most suitable, and this is not always a case of ‘highest offer wins’. There are many factors that we take into consideration when considering an offer, such as the proposed length of tenancy, if a break clause is required, offer amount, requirements and rental history, to name a few.

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Unfortunately, within the letting industry, many are quick to let properties to tenants without a thorough tenant selection or screening process. The lack of a thorough process sometimes results in unwanted issues such as rent arrears or significant damage caused to the property. Rushing the selection process can potentially have the reserve effect by costing the landlord more money further down the line.

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Letting Agency Estate Agents Tooting Surrey Property Services Mitcham Properties to Rent
Letting Agency Estate Agents Tooting Surrey Property Services Mitcham Properties to Rent
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Unfortunately, renting a property can never be risk-free, but taking shortcuts is not acceptable in today’s market. With an ever increasing amount of landlord legislation that needs to be complied with to regain possession of a property successfully, should you need to seek possession via the courts, it is important to find a letting agent that follows protocol. 

When appointing a letting agent to let your property, ask them about their approach/strategy and how they ultimately mitigate the risks of renting a property. At Next Step Estates, we see our role as more than just simply renting a property but to actively ‘manage and mitigate the risks of renting a property’ on behalf of our landlords. Therefore we must act with a duty of care and skill and not compromise the letting process.

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SW London Letting Agents - Landlord Property Inspection Interim Services

Every landlord and letting agent should be carrying out a routine property inspection. At Next Step Estates, we believe that these inspections are essential for landlords and tenants.

These interim property inspections can highlight any issues with the property and provide the landlord with peace of mind about the quality of their property. 


An interim property inspection is a property inspection that occurs at specific points during the tenants’ tenancy.

At Next Step Estates, we conduct interim property inspections approximately every 6-9 months.

These inspections help identify any potential issues and problems that tenants might be having or causing.

Letting Agency Estate Agents Tooting Surrey Property Services Mitcham Properties to Rent

Why interim property inspections Are important: : Overcrowding, Smoke Alarms, Misuse and Maintenance

Property Overcrowding

Has your tenant sublet a room within the property without your knowledge? Whilst this may not seem like a huge concern, your tenant could have created an HMO (house of multiple occupations). Suppose the property is rented to 3 or more unrelated occupiers, and they share facilities such as bathrooms or kitchens. In that case, the property may need to meet certain standards and adhere to HMO manager rules. An interim property inspection will confirm who occupies the property.

Smoke alarm Testing

An interim property inspection is an excellent opportunity to ensure that all smoke alarms are in good working order. It could be that the tenant has deliberately disconnected the alarm/s, which is a health and safety issue, or they haven’t replaced the batteries.

Property Misuse

The tenant/s may not be maintaining the property to a good state of repair or not using the property as they should. An interim inspection will allow you to identify this and provide recommendations to the tenants on what action they need to take or take further action if required.

Maintenance of Property and Garden

Keeping a property well maintained will help reduce overall repair and maintenance costs, both at the end of the current tenancy and throughout. During the inspection, you will have an opportunity to look at bath seals, waste traps, taps etc. and identify any maintenance issues that the tenant may not have realised were an issue.

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Benefits of interim property inspections 

The main benefit of interim property inspections is that they allow both parties to see if the other is fulfilling their obligations. The landlord can confirm the quality of the property, while the tenant can highlight any potential issues they are having with the property. By conducting interim property inspections, the necessary party can address any maintenance issues.

Landlord Summary: Interim Inspections Are Essential To Keep Great Tenants

While many letting agents abandon the need for interim property inspections, we believe they are necessary for both the landlord and tenant. The landlord can ensure that their property is being cared for, while the tenant can highlight issues that might affect their day-to-day life, such as leaking pipes, broken locks, or other normal wear and tear.